Asseco Lithuania: content management platform

Asseco Lithuania: content management platform

Asseco Lithuania offers a new product for content management:

Avilys SDP (SDP – System Development Platform) is an enterprise content management (ECM) platform, containing methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver information, documents and data related to organizational processes, and helping to configure and develop new modules and application programs for implementation of various functions related to organizational processes.

Functionality of Avilys SDP as a content management platform:

1. Processing of content and documents
2. Digitalization of paper documents
3. Optical character recognition (OCR)
4. Control, categorization and classification of data input
5. Data indexing
6. Document management
7. Record management
8. E-Mail management
9. Web content management
10. Digital content management
11. Repositories
12. Content integration
13. Data migration
14. Search and data extraction
15. Data merge
16. Multilingualism
17. Personalization
18. Publication
19. Data protection
20. Collaboration
21. Long-term storage

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