Asseco SEE transfers its know-how and experience in secure e-payment solutions to Africa

Asseco SEE transfers its know-how and experience in secure e-payment solutions to Africa

Offering services for more than 15 years in secure e-payment solutions, Asseco SEE is building the existing payment gateway infrastructure of Maroc Telecommerce, Morocco’s first and largest payment service provider. NestPay®, developed by Asseco SEE, meets the needs of those financial institutions, particularly banks, who want to offer their customers collection solutions in the online payments market. This solution will contribute to the development of Morocco’s rapidly improving e-commerce market.

With more than 15 years of experience, Asseco SEE offers a complete e-commerce infrastructure along with secure e-payment solutions. Providing Turkey’s leading banks with services, product sales, maintenance and 24/7 operational technical support, Asseco SEE transfers its know-how from Turkey to Africa.

Maroc Telecommerce will reach its long-term goals with NestPay®

Maroc Telecommerce, Morocco’s first and largest payment service provider, decided to change its existing payment platform due to its advanced needs with the company’s long-term goals and replaced its payment platform with Asseco SEE’s secure e-payment solution NestPay®. With its flexible architecture and Asseco SEE’s e-commerce experience, NestPay® will help Maroc Telecommerce reach its long-term goals. In addition to this, Maroc Telecommerce will be able to provide its customers in Morocco with new services thanks to the flexible platform offered by NestPay®. Thus, Maroc Telecommerce will gain an important advantage in the market.

Moroccan e-commerce market rapidly developing

Asseco SEE Payment-PG Line of Business Manager Burak Kutlu stated that this is their first project in Africa as Asseco SEE and that they are very excited to transfer their knowledge to different continents. He added, “The African market is a very promising and rapidly-developing market. NestPay®’s improved features and flexible architecture are very appropriate to meet the needs of this dynamic market. With the solution offered to Maroc Telecommerce, we are paving the way for a new era in the field of payment services. We will continue to create added value for our customers with our solutions and offer services in different continents”.

Maroc Telecommerce CEO Samira Gourroum said that e-commerce has been rapidly developing and growing in Morocco. She added: “In line with our increasing needs, we were in need of a new solution partner producing developed technologies and having a proven track record. Following some research, we chose Asseco SEE as our new solution partner who can meet the dynamism that the Moroccan e-commerce market needs.”

NestPay® E-commerce Secure Payment Platform has been designed by Asseco SEE to enable banks to offer card acquiring services to their web merchants. Financial institutions offering online payment services can benefit from NestPay® Payment Gateway as a service from Asseco SEE’s PCI–DSS certified environment in Istanbul / Turkey or deploy the system inhouse. Either way NestPay® technology empowers the banks to enter card non-present (CNP) payment market with full confidence.

The Morocco Telecommerce, first Electronic Commerce payment service provider in Morocco, was founded in 2001 by Moroccan banks. Morocco Telecommerce is 100% subsidiary of the Central InterBank processing Center (CMI) and the leading service provider for e-Commerce and e-Government payments in Morocco. MTC mission is to enable secure technology and infrastructure for its customers and to diversify their collection and sales channels both in Morocco and abroad. In partnership with all local banks and CMI, Morocco Telecommerce offers companies, administrations and their customers and users a multichannel payment service called ‘Fatourati’ allowing access, through a single interface to a multitude of bank payment channels (internet, ATMs, m-banking, e-banking, bank branches and service points) and various means of payment (credit cards, cash, bank transfer, wallet, etc.).