Ceyoniq Technology & Asseco – DMS/ECM/EIS and GIS seamlessly integrated

Ceyoniq Technology & Asseco – DMS/ECM/EIS and GIS seamlessly integrated

To call digital facility management folders and real estate processes from a Geo Information System (GIS) – Ceyoniq Technology and Asseco implemented this simply and effectively.

The common starting point was, the central storage of all documents related to real estate at a common customer on the information platform „nscale“ as a single-point-of-truth. However, as users in practice often query using maps and object searches in the companies GIS (Asseco`s LIDS), the need for a seamless integration of both systems came up. The implementation took place within a few days by the use of standard functions of „nscale“ and LIDS. The advantages of open communications between modern IT systems could be demonstrated powerfully again.

How the integration was done? By default, LIDS supports the use of external links or calling of programs with parameters, which can be derived from any object attribute in GIS LIDS. „nscale“, in turn, allows the retrieval of the document search using http/s calls.

Thus, a corresponding http call was set up in GIS LIDS for all relevant real estate object types, calling the „nscale“ search function when clicking on it, e.g. building number from attribute field in LIDS. As a result, the user obtains a list of all documents, e.g. floor plans containing this building number and can directly open documents or filter the list in advance.

This provides seamless access to all relevant data from a spatial context, which considerably simplifies the work in facility management.


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About Ceyoniq Technology

Ceyoniq Technology GmbH is the manufacturer of the nscale information platform. The platform provides long-term optimisation for companies’ information and document management systems as well as their complex communication processes. As a highly specialised IT company, Ceyoniq Technology is successful both internationally and domestically.

Ceyoniq Technology GmbH supplies innovative products and solutions that utilise the most updated technology and that aligns to our customers’ IT infrastructures as well as industry requirements. The nscale information platform significantly improves information and document processing as well as the mechanisms for communicating. The company headquarters are located in Bielefeld.


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