Cyber Security and IT Trends the Main Topics of the Asseco Group Product Review

Cyber Security and IT Trends the Main Topics of the Asseco Group Product Review

How to increase cyber security in a modern state, what are the modern trends in this area and what technical solutions are available? These were the main topics of this year’s edition of the Asseco Group Product Review – an international conference for journalists which was held on June 6-7 in Tel Aviv. The city, which is a global leader in the cyber security field, is also a center of operations of the Asseco Group’s companies which specialize in cyber security solutions.

Nearly 30 journalists from 5 countries – Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Israel – participated in the meeting. They were welcomed by Artur Wiza, Managing Director of Corporate Communications in Asseco Poland, who presented the operations of the Asseco Group, with particular focus on the Israeli market. Three companies from the group – Matrix IT Ltd, TSG IT Advanced Systems Ltd. and 2B Secure Ltd., which develop cyber security solutions, are located in Israel. Then, the Kosciuszko Institute’s report “Security through Innovation. The cyber Security Sector as a Driver of Economic Growth” was presented. The main conclusions of the report were presented by Ewa Kryj, spokesperson for Asseco Poland, which is the partner of the publication.

Currently, the value of the global cyber security sector amounts to USD 120 billion. According to estimates, this amount will double by 2022. In order to take advantage of that growth as fast as possible, Poland needs to take concrete steps. The state should be their catalyst, said Ewa Kryj during her speech.

During the meeting, Eliezer Oren, President and Vice Chairman of the Board, Matrix IT Ltd, spoke about the company’s business strategy and the way it cooperated with start ups. In addition, Ofer Burin, Senior Vice President, TSG IT Advanced Systems Ltd. and Yaacov Elefant, Head of Cyber Security Division, 2B Secure Ltd, spoke about data management and security services in the era of various cyber risks.

As a part of the conference, the participants were invited to the headquarters of the Israeli National Cyber Office, responsible for the country’s cyber security policy. CTO Dr. Tal Steinhertz explained Israel’s strategy and its efforts to become a global leader in the cyber security sector.

In the second part of the meeting, Artur Miękinia, responsible for the cyber security and trust department in Asseco Data Systems, talked about the electronic signature and the changes introduced by the eIDAS regulation. In turn, Michał Danilak from partner company Lewik explained the challenges and opportunities facing Asseco Central Europe as an integrator in cyber security.

Poland has a solid foundation to become a leader in the cyber security sector. The only missing element in this process is the involvement of the state. Countries such as Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States have already developed their cyber security policies. They are aware of the risks associated with the functioning of the information society and therefore they motivate the private sector to develop and deliver IT solutions that will prevent these dangers, said Zdzisław Wiater, Deputy Director of the Public Administration Division in Asseco Poland. That can be also observed in the EU and NATO. Both institutions have taken on the role of a creator of needs and solutions. They also see the need to encourage the private sector actors to create cyber-security elements. In Poland, this step is missing, he added.