Lithuanian Police manages documents using a DMS of Asseco Lithuania

Lithuanian Police manages documents using a DMS of Asseco Lithuania

Since August 2015 all Lithuanian Police employees have been managing documents using the Avilys document and process management system implemented by Asseco Lithuania. The agreement with the Police Department was signed last year and was completed in one year. The project was financed by EU Structural Funds.

The system is being used by more than 10 thousand police employees working at the Police Department and 15 national police institutions. According to statistics all police institutions receive and send about 4 million documents per year.

Asseco Lithuania performed a detailed system analysis and specification, system conformity analysis, design and preperation of technical architecture, created, configured and modernised system components, performed system testing and deployment, provided training services (over 800 police employees were trained to use the system). Currently Asseco Lithuania performs guarantee support services.

The implemented modules of the DMS: document registration, task management, preparation of documents, electronic documents and e-signature, archiving, contract management, management of operational documentation, submitting e-documents to the state archives, document accounting management, search. These modules allow performing task assignment and control, document preparation, coordination, alignment, signing and registration, versioning, assigning the files, accounting, management and storage, archiving and electronic documents management, signing by a safe qualified e-signature (in XAdES format) functions.

The system allows registering not less than 13,500 users and working for not less than 2,000 users at the same time. Document management system allows an efficient work with over 20 million documents.