New electronic services of the Virtual cultural heritage system are being developed

New electronic services of the Virtual cultural heritage system are being developed

In August 2019 Asseco Lithuania signed an agreement with the National Library of Lithuania for a modernization of the Virtual Cultural Heritage Information System (VEPIS) and further development of the portal, which is expected to be completed within two years. The project is financed by the European Union Structural Funds and the state budget.

The VEPIS system was created in 2006-2008 as a part of the Integrated Virtual Library Information System development project. Since 2010 system expansion services have been provided. The purpose of VEPIS is to centrally store, manage and publish cultural heritage objects and their metadata digitized by the Lithuanian memory institutions and to provide access to other digitized cultural heritage objects stored in the information systems of Lithuanian memory institutions, also to provide electronic services.

The scope of agreement covers modernization of Thesaurus of the Lithuanian historical places, personal names and historical chronology (BAVIC) by automating the processes of its creation and use in memory institutions, as well as development of 9 new electronic services:

1. Linking digital content to a geographic location.
2. Digital content management.
3. Single-window service.
4. Conducting a digital content analysis and research.
5. Personalized virtual exhibitions.
6. Submission of work status and licensing terms.
7. Playing music from notes.
8. Map submission.
9. Virtual and augmented reality exhibits.

The modernization project aims to make the portal the main electronic gateway to the Lithuanian cultural heritage. Modernized digitization and content publishing processes will allow a more efficient and higher quality digitalization of cultural heritage content and its delivery to the society.

Asseco Lithuania has been specializing in library process management since 1997. Among many other projects, the company has developed the Lithuanian Integrated Library Information System (LIBIS) and a unified access to electronic services provided by the public libraries – the Portal, that allows accessing services of all Lithuanian public libraries using a single reader’s ticket and for the libraries an easier management of internal processes and providing electronic services to library users.