Winners of the People with Passion competition – Share your Passion with us

Winners of the People with Passion competition – Share your Passion with us

Breathtaking views, jaw-dropping acrobatics and … a deadly race of snails. Your competition works have been unique, amazing and absolutely well-made. Hence, the jury did not have an easy choice to make. You demonstrated a pretty even level. Congratulations to all who participated in this competition. Each of you has already made a great success, because you live with so much passion.  


Since we had been really impressed by your works, we prepared an extra surprise for each participant in the competition.




1st place – Radosław Andrzejewski
Prize: 2 football shirts – the Polish national team shirt signed by Zbigniew Boniek, and a training shirt with Asseco’s logo
Biking is more than just a passion. For me, wholesale jerseys it is a way of life. When I get on my bike and start riding, I Thai can immediately feel a great deal of freedom. I have been a biker since my early childhood. My first bike was far too big for me, so I used to ride it with my body being positioned under the frame. Later, I became a cyclist in a bike racing club, which gave me the opportunity to visit many places all year over Poland. I still love to compete and sometimes take part in MTB marathon races. Every year I organize a several-day cycling tour for my friends. It is always a great chance Outside to break free from our everyday duties and experience for a world of adventure. Just us, bicycles, tents and the nature. A year ago my son was born, so now I have a little less spare time. However, I hope he will get on a small bike soon and share my passion for two-wheelers. What does my passion really look like? See it for yourself.


2nd place – Michał Radka
Prize: a power bank
All of my life I dreamed of being able to Asseco fly and I have finally achieved that by paragliding. Now I have the chance to experience this incredible feeling of freedom. During a flight, everyday life problems just disappear – here and now is what really matters. It Compatibilidad is the least expensive and widely available way to get you flying. All you need is a training course, paraglider and the desire to discover new, unknown and fascinating experiences.
As far as my cheap nba jerseys passion is concerned …
I was always attracted by bird’s-eye views and was pretty surprised that our everyday world takes on entirely new dimensions when viewed from the above. At some point of time, I decided to take a camera with me and try to show “my aerial world”.  This has become my passion.


3rd place – Robert Kołaczyński
Prize: a glove with built-in speaker and microphone
Mountain roving is not a fixed expression but that is what my passion could be called. I am not a proper mountain climber, but I can get to places di which are inaccessible to people walking on marked tourist routes only. I am most emotionally bound to the Tatra Mountains, including the region’s culture, history and ecology. It is important cheap nfl jerseys to know why the Military Police Gully (Żleb Żandarmerii) is called that way, what was the wholesale nfl jerseys purpose of the tunnels located in the Valley of White (Dolina Białego), and why the local mountain pastures will disappear without sheep. Going off the tourist trail is like entering another world, where there are very few people and you are much closer to nature. This world is also a little more dangerous, but at the same time more interesting.


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